Kayla reading Batman: Earth One (Taken with Instagram)

Kayla reading Batman: Earth One (Taken with Instagram)

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#AU2010 Speaker Social (Taken with instagram at MIX)

#AU2010 Speaker Social (Taken with instagram at MIX)

Things I wish I knew yesterday

Even when you’ve been working in an environment for years, you still find things you never knew. I liken it to learning about a famous actor you had never heard of, but has starred in all your favorite movies.

I found two things that I wish I had known or seen, but for whatever reason, I missed.

First up, convenience functions for converting a CGRect to a NSString or a NSString to a CGRect.

CGRectFromString(NSString *string)
NSStringFromCGRect(CGRect rect)

I’ve often needed to log the frame I am working on and have either created this as a macro or just quickly typed out the string format. Never again! Not sure how much I’ll use the CGRectFromString function, I much prefer the C-style:

CGRect rect = {oX, oY, sW, sH};

Next up, SPLIT SCREEN VIEW in Xcode. I work on a 30” monitor and sometime having so many open windows gets to be a mess. I’ve often seen the little button for a horizontal split view in the upper right of the editor window, but didn’t know how to do a vertical split.

Screen shot 2010-11-24 at 9.25.25 AM.png

The icon even looks like a horizontal split (icon right below the lock in the image). Fortunately, holding OPTION (⌥) while clicking it will create a vertical split window.

Raleigh, NC skyline through a beer (Taken with instagram at Boylan Bridge Brewpub)

Raleigh, NC skyline through a beer (Taken with instagram at Boylan Bridge Brewpub)

Over the Air Beta Testing for iOS Apps

As an enterprise iOS developer, I’ve had the wonders of over-the-air installation for my apps since iOS 4 dropped. I’ve enjoyed it so much so that I’ve pushed to make sure all our users have moved to iOS 4 (not the only reason, of course). So instead of sending a user an IPA file, they simply browse to your site from the device itself.

A few months ago, Hockey was announced that brought a similar workflow to beta testers of non-enterprise apps. Today, I learned about what could be the coolest start-up for iOS developers: TestFlightApp.

TestFlight App seems to wrap this process in a web application that makes the whole process even less of a hassle. I haven’t received a beta invitation yet so I can’t talk about it any more than that. Here’s hoping for a fast beta release!


TestFlightApp on Twitter.

Bundles: Another Mac App Store Casualty?

As part of my normal late-night google reader time, I browsed by another of the continuous supply of bundles and realized the Mac App Store could be the end for these.

As far as I know, the store doesn’t require an exclusive presence of your app - but can these bundles really survive in an app store world?

ADC Search: A Safari Extension to search the Apple Developer Central website

An extension for searching ADC, really nice for those researching times…

New coding assistant - she is a cocoa expert (Taken with instagram)

New coding assistant - she is a cocoa expert (Taken with instagram)

My talk on Bad Movies from September’s PechaKucha. I think it went over pretty well. The event was well run and many of the other talks were also great. I especially enjoyed a talk about Physicist Richard Feynman and his decade-long attempt to visit Tannu Tuva.

(Source: pknraleigh.com)

Licensing State of the Union

Licensing on an app is like a lock on the door - false security. Keeps people honest, but if someone really wanted in, they can.

Truthiness badge achieved: “Most pirates had no intention of purchasing your application in the first place.

Well done, @nckplsn

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